Angry Birds Space Download Hits 10M !

3 days after release, Angry Birds Space Download already reached 10M throughout the world. Angry Birds proves again that how much fan they have in this arena. Not only in iPhone, but Android, iOS, mac and Windows users are also become a great fan of these birds. Angry Birds Space is the 4th installment of Angry Birds series from Rovio.

Angry Birds Space was released on 21 March 2012. As previous times, Rovio still offer for free level to experience the new Angry Birds Space gameplay. You can play up to 5 levels. After that you should buy the Angry Birds Space full version for your operating system just only from $0.99. And for the first time, Rovio release a new ad-free version for Android and Windows PCs for up to $6.

This time Angry Birds Space offer you 60 new levels for opening their journey in space, and in future more exciting levels are also included. Rovio game maker luch Angry Birds Space with different locations and different game play more. You can find totally a new experience of the Angry Birds game. Now Angry Birds in space; so you can now feel a whole new exciting journey of gravitational fields and orbital trajectories mode.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

If you interested on Angry Birds Space or late to download it, then don’t worry. Rovio is always on your side to give you the best services of their own. From our previous article, you can find the links for Angry Birds Download (itunes and Rovio) at the end of the post.

To know the details of Angry Birds Space, like overview, images, trailer, screenshot, gameplay etc, you can visit Angry Birds Download page.If you wants to know more about Angry Birds Space game, don’t miss to leave a comments.

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